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To our guests

B&B Arena di Lucca is reopening and looking forward to hosting you.

We are doing this, with all our interests in mind, focused on your safety by operating within a strict sanitisation protocol.  Masks, gloves and physical distancing are a requirement for the foreseeable future.

For your comfort, you can elect to have a breakfast tray (standardized menu) at your door at the hour of your choice between 8:30 am and 10:00 am.

You can count on us to ensure you have a safe and pleasant stay.

B&B Arena di Lucca

20 May 2020

Special guest at our B&B Arena

This spring, we were honoured by the visit of Maestro Andrea Bocelli at our B&B Arena di Lucca.

The reason for this special visit was the advertising campaign for the famous Italian coffee brand Illycaffè entitled “Una storia senza fine per offrire al mondo il meglio di noi”.

The spot shows how Maestro, after his performance, enters the unique Piazza dell’Anfiteatro and starts to sing. People gather around him and everyone enjoys both the world-known fine voice of Bocelli and the unmistakable aroma of caffè Illy.

We spent busy days transforming our home into the world of advertisement full of cameras, lights, producers, assistants and main actors drinking their coffee from our balconies. Please, enjoy the video and some photos of these particular moments at our B&B Arena di Lucca.

We are happy to invite you to stay with us at B&B Arena and to enjoy your morning cup of coffee from the same balcony as the Maestro did.

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