Unique Tuscan Cultural & Seaside Holiday

Make the most out of your visit to Tuscany.  In association with the seaside Guest Houses at the private 40 hectare olive grove estate of Valle Buia in Talamone (http://tenutavallebuia.com), we offer a unique combination to experience both the cultural heritage and the natural beauty of Tuscany.

From B&B Arena di Lucca you can explore the beauty of Lucca and that of the major cultural destinations on daily outings to Florence, San Gimignano, Pisa and others. From the Valle Buia Farmhouse in heart of the wild life reserve of the Maremma National Park you can discover the beauty of southern Tuscany and visit one or more of the seven Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago on a skippered sailing yacht.

Whilst combination packages are made bespoke to cater to individual guest requirements, we recommend 3 nights in Lucca and 7 nights in Maremma.  This unique combination enables us to provide our guests a comprehensive and wonderful vacation experience

For reservations and to discuss your requirements please contact us directly either by email or telephone.