Welcome to B&B Arena di Lucca. B&B Arena is uniquely positioned in the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro in the historic centre of Lucca. The authentic décor of B&B Arena in Lucca offers our guests the immediate feel of life at home in Tuscany. B&B Arena has seven windows that open on the Arena. Our B&B in Lucca has various original architectural features that combine for a unique experience of living in the Arena in Lucca.

Situated inside the Roman arches of the Anfiteatro, B&B Arena di Lucca conjugates millenniums and centuries with the comforts of our time.

Lucca is in the center of Tuscany, the land of Dante and Puccini. B&B Arena offers not only a full emersion in history but also the ideal proximity for daily excursions to other Tuscan destinations. Our B&B in Lucca will shed an enviable perspective on your stay in a B&B in Tuscany.

Wake up to a breakfast with views over the Arena where the Romans held their games. B&B Arena di Lucca is a special place that will feel yours and will provide you with a sensation and feel for Lucca that would not otherwise be possible. We look forward to greeting you in person soon at B&B Arena di Lucca.